Become a Class Leader

Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a national program sustained by extensive collaborations with community-based organizations. PTC is a train-the-trainer model program with a detailed, scripted curriculum. Our goal is to build capacity to replicate the program through affordable Class Leader and Master Trainer trainings. Increasing the number of classes available makes it possible for more caregivers to benefit from the proven outcomes of the PTC program. If you would like to offer the 6-week class for caregivers in your community, you must become a trained PTC Class Leader.

What is required to become a PTC Class Leader?

  • A co-leader with whom to teach the 6-week caregiver class
  • Group facilitation skills
  • A sponsoring organization
  • Experience working with family caregivers
  • Agree to the terms outlined in the Class Leader Certification Agreement form; download form HERE

What is the time commitment for PTC Class Leaders?

  • The Class Leader training is two full days plus travel time.
  • PTC Class Leaders will teach at least two caregiver class series within the first year.

Where can I be trained as a PTC Class Leader?

  • Trainings occur throughout the year around the country. For the current list of Class Leader trainings  check the schedule here or contact the national office at 503-719-6980.
  • Another option is to arrange to have PTC send Master Trainers to your area to train 12-20 class leaders.
  • Training cost varies depending on the level of support from local training sponsor organization.

What are some ways organizations can support a PTC Class Leader?

  • Sponsor staff time and travel expenses to attend the two-day PTC Class Leader training.
  • Provide staff time to co-lead the caregiver classes. Provide administrative support such as marketing of the classes, class registration, and purchasing copies of The Caregiver Helpbook.
  • Provide space for the classes.

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