You’re Not Alone DVD

“You’re Not Alone” is utilized in the first week of the Powerful Tools for Caregivers 6-week class series for caregivers of children with special health and behavioral needs. This DVD tackles both the challenges faced by caregivers and provides examples of caregiver self-care. Three families with special needs children allow access to their daily lives. While the diagnoses and family make-ups are varied, all three families share that they are able to live productive and meaningful lives despite the challenges presented by their children’s needs. Winner of the prestigious Telly Award, “You’re Not Alone” inspires and educates both parents and professionals.

The cost of “You’re Not Alone” is $50.00 per copy + $5 shipping. Please note that two segments of the DVD are used in the PTC class Series (as instructed in the PTC leader script).  For more information about the DVD, call Infinitec Media at 708-444-8460.

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