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Powerful Tools for Caregivers
classes help caregivers take better
care of themselves while caring
for a friend or relative.

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PTC Transition

Headquarters Moves to Iowa State University

On July 16, 2021, Iowa State University assumed the role as PTC headquarters. If you have any questions about the Powerful Tools for Caregivers, please contact [email protected].

PTC Transition to Iowa State University

Research shows Powerful Tools for Caregivers classes help caregivers improve:


Increased Exercise, Relaxation, and Medical Check-Ups


Reduced Guilt, Anger, and Depression


Increased Confidence in Coping With Caregiving Demands


Increased Use of Local Services

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Powerful Tools for Caregivers gives you the skills to take care of yourself while caring for someone else. By taking care of your own health and well-being, you become a better caregiver. Six class sessions held once a week are led by experienced class leaders. Class participants are given The Caregiver Helpbook to accompany the class and provide additional caregiver resources.

The PTC class is available in three formats: 90 minute or 2 ½ hour class for caregivers of adults with chronic conditions, and the 2 hour class for caregivers of children with special health or behavioral needs. Classes meet once a week for six weeks.

Use the dropdown search tool to find a class near you. Class size is limited and registration is required; call the number listed by the class you wish to attend. The Caregiver Helpbook ($30). If you need help finding someone to watch your friend or relative during the class time, please ask at registration for respite resources.

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Become a Class Leader

Start leading PTC classes in your community. PTC is a train-the-facilitator model program with a detailed, scripted curriculum. Our goal is to build capacity to replicate the program through Class Leader and Master Trainer trainings. Increasing the number of classes available makes it possible for more caregivers to benefit from the proven outcomes of the PTC program. If you would like to offer the 6-week class for caregivers in your community, you must become a trained PTC Class Leader. Class Leaders will be fully prepared to team-teach Powerful Tools for Caregivers to groups of 8 – 15 family caregivers.

What is required to become a PTC Class Leader?

  • A co-leader with whom to teach the 6-week caregiver class
  • Group facilitation skills
  • A sponsoring organization
  • Experience working with family caregivers

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Order The Caregiver Helpbook

Class Participants are given The Caregiver Helpbook, which follows the curriculum and gives caregivers tools to help:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Self-Confidence
  • Manage Time, Set Goals, and Solve Problems
  • Better Communicate Their Feelings
  • Make Tough Decisions
  • Locate Helpful Resources

The second half of the book addresses issues such as hiring in-home help, choosing a care facility, caregivers of veterans, and caregivers of children with special needs. The Caregiver Helpbook is an excellent resource and is available to the public. The book is available in English and Spanish.

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From Caregivers & Class Leaders

It never ceases to amaze me how transforming this course is – the dramatic change in the demeanor of the participants from the first to the sixth class.

PTC Class Leader

After taking this class I am a more confident caregiver! Having tools to resolve problems is a definite advantage in becoming a better caregiver and a happier, wiser, healthier me…and a healthier ‘us’!

PTC Class Participant